St. Peter’s has run a balanced budget, requiring no fundraising, for the last 30 years. Our pledging has supported a full-time pastor, a secretary, a sexton, various music positions, and our property. Throughout those years, with few exceptions, St. Peter’s has given a tithe to various outreach programs. That’s in addition to our Diocese pledge of a tithe.

We have been blessed. A dedicated group of men and women share the responsibility of planning and caring for our income and expenses. The parish treasurer, an assistant treasurer, a number of collection counters, and the finance commission (who helps prepare the budget) all work together. We track the pledges and issue quarterly reports. The Vestry approves the budget early in January and it is presented later in the month at the annual meeting. In the fall we hold a stewardship campaign that is run by the laity.

Laity will share their stories, share Biblical teachings, and encourage others to grow in their giving.

…and of Thine own have we given Thee.