Until recently St. Peter’s has been fortunate to operate with a balanced budget for many years. Like many churches, however, we experience the challenges of increased expenses that outpace our revenues. We enjoy significant support through the tithes of our members that allow us to maintain a rector, a secretary, a sexton, and music director, as well as worship and education programs, outreach, and the maintenance of our property.

We have been blessed. A dedicated group of men and women share the responsibility of planning and caring for our income and expenses. The parish treasurer, an assistant treasurer, a number of collection counters, and the finance commission (who helps prepare the budget) all work together. We track the pledges and issue quarterly reports. The Vestry approves the budget early in January and it is presented later in the month at the annual meeting.

Each fall we conduct a stewardship appeal, the results of which inform and support the budget for the coming year. The appeal for 2021 is Doing What Love Requires, a theme that finds its inspiration in words both ancient and modern.

The prophet Micah wrote, “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God?” (6:8). These words convey God’s invitation into relationship through the work of justice, the exercise of mercy, and the yielding of our own desires to the divine heart.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry encourages us to walk in the way of love, the manifestation of Jesus’ commandment that we love our neighbor as ourselves as the ultimate acceptance and expression of God’s abiding love for all Creation.

The fusion of these faithful words to the People of God offer a way to respond to the demands and challenges of the present day from a place of deep grounding, a place of holy and perfect love that reflects the love of God as we know him through Jesus.

A copy of the appeal brochure, letter of invitation to pledge, pledge commitment form, and a FAQ sheet related to stewardship may all be downloaded from this page. We are grateful to God for the blessing of generous and faithful support we enjoy from our members.

…and of Thine own have we given Thee.