The Vestry conducts the business of St. Peter’s in tandem with the rector. At our monthly meetings we discuss our finances, what’s happening through our various commissions and programs, upcoming events, and any current concerns of the parish. These meetings are open to all members of the church.

Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting each January. The presiding officer of the Vestry is the Rector. The Senior Warden leads the parish between rectors and is a support person for the rector. The Junior Warden supports the Senior Warden and is available in the Senior Warden’s absence. Filling out the officer positions are the Treasurer and Clerk. There are six additional Vestry members. The qualifications and terms are set through our bylaws.

Our Vestry members represent a cross-section of the membership, newer members, and others who have served previously and chose to rejoin recently. We have worked on various commissions and activities, and bring that experience to the table in our discussions. We are a spirited and spirit-filled group that works together to keep St. Peter’s vibrant, mission-focused, and financially stable.

In addition to the Vestry, delegates from the parish are elected to represent our community at the annual convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Two delegates and two alternates are elected for three-year terms.

Lay leaders are elected annually at the parish annual meeting, held in the month of January. Congratulations to our members newly elected to serve in the coming year!

Senior Warden: Jennifer Brin
Junior Warden: Sandy Bell
Clerk: Lisa Pile
Treasurer: Greg Malone
Two three-year Vestry terms: Brett Bennett and Richard Hubeny
Two one-year terms to fill unexpired Vestry positions: Erik Barber and Laura Ostrowski
Diocesan Delegate Alternate: Shirley Nanci

The Annual Report for 2020 may be found here.

Members of the Vestry and Delegates to Diocesan Convention

Jenn Brin

Jenn attends St. Peter’s with her husband Pete and their son Zach.

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Sandy Bell

Sandy has been a member of St. Peter’s since 2008 after moving to South Windsor from Rhode Island with her...

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Greg Malone

Greg has been a member of St. Peter’s since 2001. He has been the parish treasurer and member of the...

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Lisa Pile

Lisa has been a member of St. Peter’s Church for twenty years. She grew up in Seymour CT and attended...

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Erik Barber

Erik Barber grew up in East Windsor, having moved there with his family at the age of 5. In those...

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Laura Ostrowski

Laura has been a member of St. Peter’s for twenty-two years, during which she was involved for twenty years in...

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Barbara Hoff

Barbara is serving her third term as a member of Vestry. She was Senior Warden from 2015 to 2018. She...

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Ingrid Menon

Ingrid and her children have attended St. Peter’s since 2009. Since then, she has volunteered at St. Peter’s as a...

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Brett Bennett

Brett and his wife, Danielle, have been members of St. Peter’s for fifteen years. They attend with their daughter, Linnea....

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Dick Hubeny

Dick and his wife, Amy, have been worshiping at St. Peter’s since 2019. This is his first time serving on...

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Kristin Cartier

Kristin was elected delegate to Diocesan Convention in 2020.

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Ken Fraley

Ken has been at St. Peter’s since 2017. He is active with the Mission Commission and pitches in to assist...

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Dora-Lee Ober

Dora-Lee was elected as an alternate delegate to Diocesan Convention in 2020.

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Shirley Nanci

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