St. Peter’s utilizes the RaiseRight™ fundraising platform to help generate revenue for the parish*. The program uses the purchase of gift cards as a means to return a percentage of the cost of the card back to the parish. More than 750 stores, businesses, and brands take part in this program, making it versatile and worthwhile for our members. Check them out here!

This program is a great way to tap the power of our spending at home (restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, clothing and specialty stores, etc.), online, and as gifts.

How does it work? After enrolling in the program and establishing an account associated with St. Peter’s, purchase electronic or physical gift cards through the site. This may be done on a desktop or laptop, or using the RaiseRight™ app on your phone or tablet. Each participating brand has established a percentage of return which is donated to the church. Special promotions are offered regularly, providing higher yield returns on certain brands for a limited time.

Physical cards may be mailed to you directly for a fee of $.50. Electronic cards are available in your RaiseRight™ “wallet” immediately after purchase. Card denominations vary, and electronic cards tend to have more options. Some cards (physical and electronic) may be reloaded with additional value, depending on the brand.

Purchases may be made via credit card (2.6% fee/transaction) or by being debited directly from your bank account ($.29 fee/transaction). The associated fees vary depending on which method you choose.

To enroll, you can use this link or download the app (RaiseRight Mobile App) and input St. Peter’s enrollment code. It is easiest if you link a bank or card account prior to making purchases.

St. Peter’s enrollment code can be obtained by contacting Barbara Hoff, our program administrator ([email protected]).  Barbara can also answer any questions.

The enrollment code will also be published in St. Peter’s bulletin.  (To prevent fraud, we are unable to publish our enrollment code online).

This document goes through the steps to create an account with RaiseRight using St. Peter’s enrollment code: RaiseRight Instructions

Click on this document to see a shopping example: Shopping on RaiseRight

Here are 2 instructional videos to help you understand, setup and configure RaiseRight for your purchases.  These videos focus on the smartphone app but the process is the same if you decide to enroll through the RaiseRight website.  More helpful videos are available at RaiseRight How-To Videos

Happy Shopping and gifting!

*The Vestry voted in August, 2023, that 10% of the revenue received through the RaiseRight™ program will support outreach.

Download this information sheet for handy reference.