During COVID-19, our worship life takes a different shape from our normal patterns. To minimize the risk of infection and out of respect for each person’s safety, we are following the guidelines and counsel of our bishops and the Governor not to gather in person indoors. Likewise, the celebration of Holy Eucharist is suspended until further notice.

Weather permitting, those who feel comfortable doing so are invited to gather outdoors on a rear section of lawn for in-person worship. Please bring your own chair, mask, and a printed copy of the Order of Service and music for your use.* The service will be broadcast live simultaneously. Please see the document and covenant that describes what to expect when participating in person. In the event of unsafe weather conditions, in-person worship will be cancelled and the service will be streamed live from indoors. Notice of cancellation will be sent via email to parish members and be posted on the parish Facebook page.

Our worship is streamed live through our Facebook page each Sunday morning at 10 A.M., including those occasions when we worship in person. In place of Holy Eucharist, we use a liturgy known as ante communion—that portion of the Eucharistic liturgy contained in the Liturgy of the Word in The Book of Common Prayer through the Prayers of the People, bracketed by corporate confession at the start, and closing with the Lord’s Prayer.

Although we are not singing when we are together in person, music is a meaningful and integral part of our worship. Hymns are provided via PDF and hymn texts are embedded in the weekly Order of Service.

A copy of this Order of Service and selected music is emailed each week to our members and are available the day before worship as a PDF file on this page of our website for download. Intercessions for the week that follows are also available below for download:

Order of Service and hymns for Pentecost 14, September 6, 2020.
Intercessions for the Week of August 23, 2020.

All recorded services from Sundays and Feast Days are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

*To maximize the strength of the Wi-Fi signal used to stream the service, we ask all who attend outdoor worship to put their devices on airplane mode or turn them off. Unfortunately, this prevents using devices for accessing the Order of Service.

Sundays at 10:00 via Facebook Live

Sunday school and nursery care is suspended during this time.