The Parish Life Commission’s goal is to encourage a community of interest within St. Peter’s, helping to bring interactions and events to its members to share times of fellowship as we love, and serve, one another in the name of Jesus, to make parish life at St. Peter’s enjoyable for everyone and to provide care and support to parishioners in need.

Throughout the year, St. Peter’s Parish Life Commission organizes many fellowship events that bring our church family together. Many are family oriented, and those intended for adults include babysitting if needed.

Events include: the annual picnic, game night, Easter brunch celebration, and a spaghetti supper which is open to community members to attend. There is also an annual progressive dinner and Christmas cocktail party.

Yearly there are fun events added such as ladies/girls movie nights and the men’s Super Bowl party with the infamous 6-foot sub! There is a banquet yearly for the women of the parish at a local restaurant, or a catered dinner in either the parish hall or at a member’s home.

A weekly gathering time at St. Peter’s is the family coffee hour after the 10 o’clock service, provided by volunteer sign-up. It is a wonderful time for parishioners to meet one another and to share fellowship time with one another. Please visit St. Peter’s, we’d love to have a cup of fellowship with you!