“Down to earth, aspiring to heaven”

St. Peter’s is an active, healthy parish of more than 100 active communicants, including engaged youth and children. 

We offer an 8 A.M. service without music, and a 10 A.M. choral service. Children attend Sunday School during the first part of the service and join their families at the exchange of the peace. On the first Sunday of each month children are present for the entirety of worship with their families.

signboardWe are close-knit but not closed off; we are welcoming to new members. We strive to use our time, talent, and treasure to fulfill our Christian responsibilities to our congregation, our community, and the world.

The term “Fanning the flames of faith” took on a more literal meaning for St. Peter’s Church in the summer of 2015. Early one morning, the work of an arsonist caused extensive smoke damage to half of the physical St. Peter’s. Despite losing the use of our education wing and parish hall, there was never a sense of despair. Instead, the Holy Spirit seemed to countermand the arsonist, igniting the people in a new faith that would see us through that rough time. Our physical plant is now refurbished, and we enjoy the fruits of refreshment provided by this experience. 

Following are a few select quotes from the parish survey conducted at the time of our most recent rector search:

“When I look around at the 10 o’clock service, almost everyone I see is involved in some part of St. Peter’s life, from Sunday School, to property maintenance, to Altar Guild.”

“Overall, one of the things I love most about St. Peter’s is the opportunity to become involved and use my gifts and challenge myself.”

“I have become a more faith-filled person because of the testimony and discipleship of St. Peter’s congregation.”

“As a church community we care about everyone’s opinion, while striving not to be judgmental.”

“We take our faith seriously but not ourselves.”


We invite you to visit us and discover for yourself this gem of God’s people here in South Windsor!