Africa Education Partnership (AEP) was started by a small group in South Windsor, most based in St. Peter’s Church, and now has members across Connecticut and other states.   AEP believes that the future success of Africa lies in high quality education for all children, regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity.   

We help fund safe learning environments in rural schools in Nigeria and scholarships for students in need.  Your support helps with the following:

  • New or renovated classroom buildings 
  • Boreholes for clean water 
  • Toilets with wash stations for improved sanitation 
  • Security walls 
  • Educational materials such as desks, computers, books, playground/sports equipment, etc. 
  • NEW in 2023-Scholarships:  $300/year educates a child 

If you wish to make a contribution to AEP or learn more about the organization, visit