Questions sometimes arise pertaining to various rites and worship practices. Some of the more typical subjects are these:

About confirmation and reception: when a person is about age 15 to 16 or older (including adults), it is strongly suggested that a person become confirmed by a bishop of The Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Please contact the rector about confirmation arrangements and the instruction leading up to confirmation.

If you are transferring into The Episcopal Church from another denomination, typically, you would either be confirmed or received, depending on your circumstances. Please contact the rector for more information.

About the importance of membership: membership at St. Peter’s is important because it demonstrates your willingness to become more deeply part of the life of the parish. This sign of your deeper commitment to Christ at St. Peter’s has become an important prerequisite if you would like to serve in certain capacities of parish life.

How do I become a member? Typically, people become members if they are baptized at St. Peter’s or if they make a good faith effort to transfer their previous parish/denominational membership to St. Peter’s. And do not let obstacles block your path. There may be allowances for your special circumstances. If you wish to become a member or have questions about the membership process, please contact the parish secretary for more information.

To hold certain positions in parish life, such as worship leader, lay Eucharistic minister, lay preacher, or lay Eucharistic visitor, you must be licensed by a bishop overseeing St. Peter’s. Please contact the parish secretary for more information.

Safe Church training and a background check are expected for folks working with young people and/or the elderly, in one’s capacity as an official minister of the parish. Please contact the parish secretary for more information.

What if I have questions about rites and practices at St. Peter’s? Please contact the parish secretary or the rector.